Berned into the recesses of my soul.
Berned into the recesses of my soul.

I like Bernie (Sanders, but for all intents and purposes I’d rather I call him Bernie).

I think he’s wrong on a number of things, be it the minimum wage, the strange inclination towards wanting only one type of deodorant, or that immigration is a Koch proposal. However, I still like him. I appreciate his candor in a political environment where it’s easy to be cynical and wary of those imperfect politicians and their ulterior motives. But Bernie? He’s a genuine WYSIWYG candidate, even though I’ve absolutely little faith in the feasibility of his plans. Yet… never underestimate politics, it may go a totally different way than what anyone’s expecting.

Again, I like Bernie, but he did something to turn me off this weekend.

Now before I get into what disappointed me, let me share you this tumblr post. Yeah it’s essentially a collection of Bernie’s tweets where he attempts to mic drop the participants in the GOP Debate. The key word is of course’ attempts’, as the limits of Twitter can only do so much. This said, it results in a number of primo reactions about how stoked people are that he’s ‘ready to fight’ and how he’s going to go wreck shit up, as if 140 characters are good indicator of his ability to match wits with oh… not Donald Trump but Carly Fiorina? Maybe Ted Cruz? Rand Paul? Ben Carson?

Then this happened.

Do I REALLY want this guy to be President? Forget all the weird shit he believes and forget he had more successful venues later, for this is unacceptable really. These are the moments where leadership is tested and how he can master the crowds and utilize his guile and energy toward a more just America that brings people together. But no, he just fades into the background while this segment of #BlackLivesMatter undergoes its own form of appropriation: venue appropriation and suffocates it entirely (another irony, since they don’t like that they can’t breathe) of any energy that would render Bernie able to make his points. That’s not being a good leader, that’s just… being an ‘ally’, which as I’ve mentioned before is essentially the new ‘comrade’. That’s no good, as it shows that with the right kind of hecklers, and no matter if his supporters outnumber them, Bernie will fold. Imagine if the Iran deal kinda falls through during his presidency and at a conference he lets himself get drowned out by a small cadre of protestors yelling “Death to America!”

Say what you will about the GOP and Donald Trump but at least they’re all fairly active participants in their scuffle (after all, this is for the presidential election). Bernie just walks away when he could’ve shown he was made of the right stuff, I mean after all he was a Civil Rights Organizer back in its heyday. Granted the people who came to see Bernie were more than understanding and still happy to support him despite what happened, but that may not last. Eventually, Bernie will have to cut his teeth and not run away from such matters again. A bit of weakness and vulnerability is okay, but when it becomes the norm, people will of course flock to candidates displaying strength and unflappability against odds, even from their own side.  Bernie may think he can be content ragging on his conservative opponents from Twitter, but the event in Seattle shows he may not be quite ready for primetime. That’s embarrassing and if YOU support Bernie you should hope he doesn’t do it again.

Perhaps it was a lose-lose situation this time, but he’s going to have to make it a win on his part the next.

Small thought:

#BlackLivesMatter is the shitty Bizarro version of Christian missionaries. When was the last time anybody who wanted to learn about the Lord Jesus Christ was met with a curt “Hey I’m not your servant. Go read a fucking Bible it’s like everywhere. Get educated, shitlord!”?


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