Not Quite Introductory Post 101

I’ve been putting this off for way too long after nearly a month or so creating this journal. These days I could afford to start writing a bit more of my thoughts on various subjects without relegating it to tweets or, Heaven forbid, tumblr and Facebook posts. I probably live too much under an academic mindset when it comes to writing on particular subjects. This includes a propensity to feel like I ought to pour over voluminous amounts of research and deal with a possible anxiety of having such matters not reviewed by any academic authority. However, that’s probably just me.

Plus I’m also kindof getting tired of just writing reviews online whenever I want to write in long form. Need to branch out. Any reviews I do will be posted elsewhere, while this place is mostly relegated to various essays on subjects that I’m probably well-versed at.

Anyway, the opinions expressed on this blog are my own and do not represent the opinions of others associated with me. I will do my best to provide sound, consistent, content on a somewhat daily basis. It is the hopes that I improve upon it as time goes on.

If you are curious about the name of the blog, its origins are from the song title, “A Runner at Daybreak” by Ⅱ MIX ⊿ DELTA for the anime Engage Planet Kissdum.

It’s an okay song, but its title endeared itself to me. I’d like to have an entire spiel about how a Runner at Daybreak is a resonant image that harkens to dedicated runners in track or the runner at Marathon, but I don’t. It’s just a pretty cool title.

Also, this isn’t the first post of this blog. Check the previous entry if you’d like to hear about my views on that one time Equalists celebrated the Avatar, instead of tried to murder her. Other than that, we might be seeing each other again.


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